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Kid Cannabis

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List of 'Films Based on Actual Events'

"List of films based on actual events." Here are some true-story articles about "based on a true story" films or films based on actual events. You can find true stories in article form here.

"Abandoned and Deceived" 

"A Borrowed Life"

"A Child Lost Forever: The Jerry Sherwood Story" 

"A Child Too Many"

"A Father For Brittany"

"A Friend Of The Family" 

"A Friend To Die For"

"A Killer Among Us"

"A Kidnapping In The Family" 

"A Kiss So Deadly"

"All American Girl: The Mary Kay Letourneau Story"

"All Good Things"

"A Moment Of Truth: Why My Daughter" 

"Almost Golden: The Jessica Savich Story" 

"Amish Grace"

"Amber's Story"

"An Element Of Truth"

"And Never Let Her Go"

"Anna Nichole"

"A Mother's Revenge" 

"A Mother's Right" The Elizabeth Morgan Story 

"A Mother's Testimony" 

"A Murder In Greenwich" 

"A Murder On Shadow Mountain"

"An Officer And A Murderer" 

"Ann Rule's Everything She Ever Wanted"

"Ann Rule's Too Late To Say Goodbye" 

"A Promise To Carolyn"

"A Season In Purgatory" 

"A Seduction In Travis County"

"A Stranger Among Us" starring Melanie Griffith

"A Time To Kill"

"Armed and Innocent"

"A Kidnapping in the Family" 

"A Killing In A Small Town" 

"A Vision Of Murder: The Story Of Donielle"

"A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story"

"A Woman With A Past" 

"Baby For Sale"

"Baby Snatcher" 

"Bad Seed"  

"Baby Shower"

"Baby Sellers"

"Bad to the Bone" 

"Banshee Chapter" 

"Before He Wakes" 

"Beauty's Revenge" 


"Betrayed At 17"

"Betrayed By Love"

"Beyond Suspicion"

"Beyond Obsession" 

"Bitter Blood"

"Black Widower" 

"Blind Trust"

"Bling Ring"

"Blue-Eyed Butcher" 

"Bond Of Silence"

"Borderline Murder" 


"Broken Silence"

"Carrie" 1976 and 2013

"Captive" (starring John Stamos) 

"Caught In the Act"


"Chicago" 2002 and the old one 

"City By The Sea" 

"Coed Killer"

"Confessions Of A Go Go Girl"

"Cradle of Conspiracy"

"Cries Unheard: The Donna Yacklich Story"

"Cross Of Fire" 



"Dawn Anna" 

"Dallas Buyers Club"  

"Dangerous Evidence: The Lori Jackson Story"

"Dead Before Dawn"

"Death Clique"

"Deadly Honeymoon"

"Deadly Intentions" and "Deadly Intentions...Again"

"Deadly Matrimony"

"Deadly Relations"  

"Deadly Whispers"

"Deadly Vows" 

"Death Of A Cheerleader"

"Death Benefit" 

"Deceived By Trust"

"Deep In My Heart"

"Deep Family Secrets" 

"Desperate For Love"

"Desperate Journey: The Allison Wilcox Story" 

"Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story"

"Double Indemnity" 

"Double Jeopardy"

"Drew Peterson: Untouchable"

"Eight Days To Live"

"Escape From Polygamy"

"Empty Cradle" 

"End Of Watch"

"Erin Brochovich"

"Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal"

"Facebook Detectives"  

"Fast And Furious"

"Fatal Desire" 

"Fatal Honeymoon"

"Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'hara Story"

"Fight For Justice: The Nancy Conn Story

"Fighting For My Daughter" 

"Final Sale"  

"Flower's In The Attic" 

"For One Night" 

"Forgotten Sins"

"Four Extraordinary Women" 

"Fried Green Tomatoes"

"From The Files Of Unsolved Mysteries: Voice From The Grave"

"Gardens Of The Night" 

"Ghosts Of Mississippi" 

"Gimme Shelter"

"Gracie's Choice"


"Girl Fight" 

"Glen Ridge Rape" 

"Gospel Of Deceit"

"Guilt By Association"

"Guilty Hearts"

"Gospel Of Deceit"

"Goodnight Sweet Wife"

"Half Dozen Babies"  

"Halloween" a list of movies 

"Happy Face Killer"

"Hav Plenty"  

"Heart Of A Stranger"

"Held Hostage" 

"Her Life As A Man"

"Her Deadly Rival"

"Her Desperate Choice" 

"Her Final Fury" 

"Highway Heartbreaker" 

"Hit and Run" 1999 

"Hit And Run" horror movie 

"Homeless To Harvard: The Liz Murray Story"

"Hostile Advances"

"House Of Versace" 

"House Of Secrets" 2014

"How Stella Got Her Groove Back" 

"Hunt For The I-5 Killer"

"I Accuse"

"If Looks Could Kill: The John Hawkins Story"

"In Gods' Country" 

"I Know My First Name Is Steven" 

"Intimate Stranger" 

"In The Best Interest Of The Children"

"In The Line Of Duty: Blaze Of Glory"

"In The Name Of Love: A Texas Tragedy"

"Jodie Arias: Dirty Little Secret"

"Julie &Julia"

"Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story"

"Just Ask My Children" 

"Justice for Annie" 


"Kid Cannabis"

"Lean On Me"

"Legacy Of Sin: The William Coit Story"  

"Left To Die"

"Lethal Vows"

"Lies He Told"

"Lies Of The Heart: Story Of Laurie Kellogg"

"Lies My Mother Told Me" 

"Like Mother Like Son"

"Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story" 

"Liz and Dick" 

"Lizzie Borden Took An Ax"

"Love, Honor and Obey"

"Love Lies Murder"

"Love's Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murder"

"Love Sick Secrets Of A Sex Addict" 

"Malcolm X"

"Manhunt: Search For The Nightstalker" 

"Midwest Obsession" 

"Mistaken Identity" 

"Mother Knows Best"

"Murder At 75 Birch" 

"Murder Between Friends"

"Murder Of Innocence"

"Murder in A College Town"

"Murder In Greenwich"

"Murder in the Hamptons"

"Murder On Pleasant Drive"

"My Baby Is Missing" 

"My Son Is Innocent"

"My Son Johnny" 

"My Neighbors Keeper"

"Natalee Holloway" 

"Nightmare In Columbia County"


"No One Would Tell" 

"Normal Life"

"Not Our Son"

"Obsessed" starring Jenna Elfman 2002

"One Angry Juror" 

"On The Job"

"Open Water" 

"Our Mother's Murder" 

"Our Guys: Outrage in Glen Ridge" 

"Perfect Crime" 

"Perfect Sisters"


"Pregnancy Pact" 

"Pregnancy Project"

"Preacher's Daughter"

"Prayers For Bobby" 

"Profile For Murder"

"Promised A Miracle"

"Queen Sized"

"Reason For Living: The Jill Ireland Story"

"Reckless Nights" 

"Red Tails" 

"Resurrecting The Champ"


"Romeo Killer: The Chris Porco Story"


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